About Patti

Patti CorscadenPatti Corscaden is a Licensed Massage Therapist, one of a very few in Midcoast Maine who specialize in lymph drainage therapy, craniosacral therapy, and oncology massage. Her experience in several related therapies allows her to choose the modality, or combination of modalities, that a client most needs at any given time.
A graduate of the Downeast School of Massage, she has been in private practice since 1994. She has had extensive training and experience in a variety of gentle, hands-on healing modalities.

Besides helping private clients, Patti volunteers at Portland’s Mercy Hospital out-patient oncology unit. She also volunteers at Miles-St. Andrews Home Health and Hospice, where she received her Hospice training.

She teaches at the Downeast School of Massage, Waldoboro, in Boothbay and Union 74 Region Adult Education programs, and is available for educational speaking engagements in medical offices and continuing education services.

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