Benefits of Massage

Hands-on therapies are more than pampering. Their benefits may surprise you.

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STRESS… Everyone experiences it. No one is immune to this necessary part of life. Frequent or unrelenting stress can damage your body and is a contributing factor to most disease processes.

What stress does to you:

Your body reacts unconsciously to situations you find threatening. Its emergency stress response primes you for fight of flight by causing certain physiological changes to take place:

  • your body produces additional adrenaline
  • the functioning of your immune and digestive systems is inhibited
  • the flow of blood to your extremities and internal organs is diminished.

Possible results of unattended stress:

  • changes in blood sugar
  • colitis and ulcers
  • heart disease, high blood pressure and hypertension

Palliative care can dramatically reverse the damaging physiological effects of stress by helping to:

  • lower your heart rate and blood pressure and improve blood circulation
  • heighten your sense of well-being and drop your anxiety level
  • release endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer

Hands on therapies can do more than promote relaxation. Palliative care can:

  • relieve back pain
  • treat migraines
  • ease symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • alleviate side effects of cancer

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